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Math Resources for Parents

Savvas Realize (K-5)

Rockville Centre’s Math Program:
  Students can play the games that we play in class!  They can also go to Math Words and Ideas to get help on any topic.

Username:  rvc followed by student’s 6 digit code

Password:  initials (uppercase first initial, lowercase last initial) followed by 6 digit code


Reflex Math (grades 2-5)
Used by grades 2-5 to practice math facts.  Each username and password is unique.  Check with your teacher if you don’t remember yours.


Illuminations (grades PK – 12)
Games, reviewed  Web sites, and interactive tools for students to explore, learn, and apply mathematics.



NCTM Figure This (grades 5 – middle school)
Activities and math challenges for middle-grades students and families.  Tips for parents in the Family Corner.



Greg Tang Math (all grades)
Website with awesome math games!



Origo Math (PK-6)
Math practice to complement most math programs.


Math Learning Center – Math at Home (PK-5) (grades 2-5)
Website with math games (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)


Math Playground (grades 1-6)
Website with math games.


Math Before Bed   (k-5 and up)

Which One Doesn’t Belong?  (k-5 and up)

Open Middle  (k-HS)

Math Visuals  (k-5 and up)


YouCubed  (all grades)

Advice for parents with resources

Some YouCubed Tasks/Games:

You Cubed – How Close to 100? Game

Tic Tac Toe Products

Ice Cream Scoop

The Four 4’s