Rockville Centre Mental Health Task Force

Rockville Centre School District Mental Health Task Force

The purpose of the Rockville Centre School District Mental Health Task Force is to provide ongoing support for mental health services in our schools by serving as a resource for trainings, information-sharing, networking, and promotion of new and existing mental health services in the Rockville Centre School District.

Our schools, led by caring Administrators and Mental Health professionals routinely discuss and strategize about student mental health issues, implement social emotional learning and mental health education programs, provide ongoing counseling to students and their families, and when necessary facilitate interventions from outside mental health agencies.

Our District staff, including School Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, and School Counselors are our first and primary providers of school based mental health education and support.

The District Mental Health Task Force will serve as an organizing framework for a multi-tiered system of District mental health supports and services to aide District personnel in providing structured and ongoing mental health programs to achieve the greatest outcomes for students, families, and the school community.

Mental Health Task Force Action Plan

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