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Family Steam activities

Dear Families, 

The STELLAR teachers have put together a series of enriching activities you may want to try at home with your children. These are optional STEAM projects that your child may enjoy completing on their own or with a family member. STEAM is an acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. These projects are a terrific way to connect critical higher-level thinking processes between school and home. As students construct their creations, they are encouraged to plan, test, and improve designs to the best of their ability. 

Project instructions are simple and require nothing more than items around your home, such as paper goods, materials from nature, and basic crafting supplies. Your child is encouraged to design and construct their project on his/her own, or with assistance of family members. If you choose to assist your child with his/her creation, here are some guided questions that will help stimulate higher level critical thinking: 

● What can your project be used for? What purpose does it serve? 

● What problem could your project solve? 

● How can you test your project to see how it works? 

● How can you improve your project to make it better? 

The first project provides a link to an inspiring video about a youngster who constructed an entire arcade from household goods. It encourages your child to do the same. We will post one suggestion per week. Again, they are not mandatory but offer your child an imaginative and hands-on outlet to express him or herself. 

We hope you and your child will enjoy constructing STEAM projects together. 

Your STELLAR Teachers



Meet Caine. When he was nine years old, he built an entire arcade out of cardboard boxes and everyday household items. Click on the link 

to visit his web page watch his inspiring story. You are sure to enjoy it! 

Can you be like Caine and design an arcade game using boxes, paper plates and paper cups, newspaper, tape, string, and crayons? 

First list the materials you will use. Then grab a blank piece of paper and draw your design. You can build an arcade game, desgin and construct a board game, and even imagine and draw a video game that you would like to play. The sky is the limit! Once you have planned and drawn your design, gather your materials and begin building. Ask your parents for a place in your home where you can work. Be sure to clean up any messes! 

Have fun creating! If you have any questions, email your STELLAR Teacher. We would also love to see pictures of anything you create. Please send to the RVC STELLAR Teachers at the email addresses listed below.


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