Frequently Asked Questions

My Learning Plan

Frequently Asked Questions for RVC Teachers

1. Which form do I need to complete when attending a workshop outside of the district catalog?

You must complete the PM Request form.

2. May I drop a mandated course?

No, if you are unable to attend the workshop you must contact Chris Pellettieri via email prior to the workshop.

3. I would like to belong to a Collegial Circle, what should I do?

Each member of a collegial circle must complete the Collegial Circle form on My Learning Plan. Collegial circles must be a minimum of 4 hours. When your collegial circle is complete, fill out the Collegial Circle Final Report and click on submit. Each member of the circle must complete this form on My Learning Plan to receive final credit. Note: Collegial circles offered through the Teacher Center are available for in-service credit only.

4. I was a member of a collegial circle but have not received final credit, what should I do?

A Collegial Circle Final Report must be submitted on My Learning Plan to receive final credit by each participant.

5. What workshops are Pre-Approved?

All mandated workshops are pre-approved.

6. What workshops are mandated?

Workshops in the Approved and In Progress section of My Learning Plan are

7. How many hours can a weekend workshop count toward my PM Plan?

• 1 weekend PD hour is equivalent to 1 after-school PD hour

• 2 weekend PD hours are equivalent to 2 after-school PD hours

• 3 weekend PD hours are equivalent to 3 after-school PD hours

• 4 and 4+ (anything in excess of 4) weekend PD hours are equivalent to 4 after-school PD hours

8. Do I need to keep a hard copy of my professional development plan?

It is always a good practice to keep a hard copy of your professional development plan on record. To print a copy of your PM Plan, go to My Portfolio located on the left side toolbar. Then click Print PDF.

* If your plan is over 10/14 mandated hours, please contact Chris Pellettieri at