Professional Development


Professional Development Overview
Our professional development initiative has focused on reading and writing across the curriculum. We have implemented Balanced Literacy in grades K through12. In addition, we have adopted the Lesson Study model to deepen our understanding of teaching and learning with a focus on differentiated instruction. The goal of our professional development program is to meet the needs of all students by addressing the New York State Learning Standards.

The District believes it is essential to ensure all professional staff members are provided with ongoing, high quality professional development. Workshops for professional staff have been designed to foster collaboration with colleagues and develop a common language of literacy. Strong literacy skills in reading and writing are necessary for students to learn subject matter. Each classroom is a laboratory where consultants and teachers model best practices. Content learning, building on prior knowledge and making deep connections enhances the ability of students to refine their reading and writing skills.

"Staff development plays a critical role in affirming the potential of all students to achieve higher levels of learning. We cannot expect teachers to teach what they do not know, nor to use yesterday's training to prepare today's students for tomorrow's future."  

-The National Staff Development Council