Special Education

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Special Education - Philosophy and Goals

The Rockville Centre Board of Education subscribes to the concept that all students must be provided with quality instruction and opportunities for academic achievement. Recognizing its responsibilities towards students with disabilities, the Rockville Centre Board of Education has adopted the following statement of philosophy of special education which is the cornerstone of its programs.

  • To the extent dictated by the child's disability, the student will be educated within the local school wherever possible.
  • The District is committed to the concept of the least restrictive environment which allows for maximum contact and participation with non-disabled peers.
  • Where special education services are provided within or out of district, the services will be limited to those specifically dictated by the nature and need of the disability.
  • The goal of special education in Rockville Centre is to provide each child with individualized instruction which will allow the student to compensate for his or her disability, to overcome the disability where possible, and to maximize the student's functioning toward realization of full potential.
  • This District recognizes that in the development of all human beings, there are personal obstacles to be overcome as growth evolves. This is true for all students. Students with disabilities will be seen by the general education staff as having particular obstacles to overcome and shall be helped accordingly.
  • This District is committed to help develop constructive attitudes, respect and understanding towards individuals with disabilities in order to promote independence of functioning to the greatest possible degree.
  • In recognition of the necessity for parental support and involvement in the education of each child with a disability, total, open and fully available communication with parents is seen as desirable and essential.

The Board of Education recognizes that an essential aspect of a successful special education program is the orientation and professional development of the faculty. Professional development for all personnel who work with students with disabilities is necessary to assure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the unique needs of these students.

It is the goal of the district to integrate into the school curriculum a program to elicit understanding and acceptance of individual differences. This will foster the acceptance of people with disabilities.


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